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Automatic Invoice Data Extraction

PaperSave supports a wide variety of document capture methods, making it easy to capture invoices in any format - email, fax, packing slip, etc. PaperSave’s intelligent optical character recognition (OCR) engine immediately supports new invoice formats.

Fast Processing & Increased Accuracy

PaperSave’s electronic workflows streamline operations by reducing the need to manage traditional high-touch or paper-based processes. Every step of each procedure is followed accurately, so you’ll be confident in your data collection.

Easy Search & Collaboration

PaperSave automatically indexes all of the information in your documents. Its search functionality makes it easy and intuitive to retrieve documents and saves you time by using SmartLists to group related documents together. All data stored in a centralized location, simplifying collaboration. 

Reliable Security & Auditing

Protect your data by creating user and group roles, and monitor and report on the history of all document changes and approvals, ensuring that anyone can be held accountable for his or her actions. PaperSave protects your data regardless of system volume or complexity.

PaperSave integrates with Intacct, Blackbaud, Microsoft Dynamics, and Dynamics 365 to deliver touchless invoice processing. All documents are stored in a single, secure repository.

Seamless ERP Integration

See How PaperSave Helped Fabrikam Streamline Their AP Processes

How PaperSave Works





Microsoft Office


Low Confident Character Validation

Database Lookups/ Validation of Data


Integration with PaperSave’s Auto- Entry to Create Transactions in your ERP or CRM


Automatic Document Separation

Data Extraction

Eliminate Data Entry to Create Transaction


Integration with PaperSave’s Workflow and Business Rules

Manage Procurement to Pay Process

Reduce Manual Tasks, Human Error, and Fraud

PaperSave saved MTN Satellite Communications more than $100,000 a year and caused their customer complaint volume over unpaid invoices to plummet.

Albrecht Incorporated used PaperSave to take the length of their invoice payment process (they do more that 3,000 invoices a month!) from two weeks to two days.

It used to take TriOaks Foods, America’s 15th-largest pork producer, two weeks to prepare for an audit; with PaperSave, it now takes less than one.

Easy To Use With Web Or Mobile App

Our intuitive browser-based experience seamlessly integrates with your ERP. Capture, retrieve, and approve from anywhere with the mobile app.

Efficient, Safe Cloud Deployment

PaperSaveCloud makes it easy for employees to work away from the office while accessing information securely. Our cloud solution reduces your internal IT costs and provides multiple layers of cybersecurity including firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and antivirus software that defends your data from malware threats like spyware and ransomware. 

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Kent Farver 

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