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Webinar: How to Break Free of Manual Gift Processing in Blackbaud  

See how PaperSave can help you eliminate manual entry, streamline your approval workflows, accelerate audit preparation, and manage your grant and donor documents in Blackbaud RE NXT.    

 Maximize Your Team’s Efficiency with Gift Processing Automation  

Capture Invoices Easily  

Capture gifts and pledges in any format. The OCR engine will automatically populate relevant gift record fields – like date, amount, type, solicitor, and fund – and connect it with the original document. By leveraging machine learning, the OCR can also support new file types immediately.  

Streamline Your Gift Processing Workflow 

Create a clear workflow for gift and pledge approvals. With PaperSave, every step of the process is digital, which means faster sign-offs, hand-offs, and payment.   

Find Documents Effortlessly 

Search and retrieve gift documents with one click. By integrating directly with your ERP, PaperSave allows you to view the document images connected to your gift records without leaving Blackbaud RE NXT

Create a Paper Trail 

Monitor gift record changes and approvals to make sure mistakes and unauthorized activity are found early. Plus, create user and group roles to maintain control and visibility in the gift approval process.   

Get Gift Processing Running on Autopilot with PaperSave 

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Automate Your Gift Process from Beginning to End  

Import documents using one-click email integrations, attachments, drag-and-drop, and more.    

Capture Documents  

Validate Accuracy  

The solution performs database lookups to validate low confidence characters.  

Send Files to Blackbaud RE NXT   

Approved gifts move directly into your Blackbaud Re NXT via PaperSave’s integration, which eliminates data entry.     

Extract Data  

PaperSave’s OCR extracts data to create gifts.  

Get Approvals  

PaperSave pushes gift records into the workflow and routes them according to your business rules.   

Our Customers Love Us  

       PaperSave has been THE reason we’ve been able to keep our business continuity intact while moving 100% of our office functionality OUT of the office!

David Hunt, Director of IT, Hickory Foods/Bubba Burger

       Our last financial audit was done virtually, so all documents had to be sent over electronically. Having PaperSave made the process easy because, as documents were requested, all I had to do was go into the transaction, […] download the documents, and upload them to into Box for the auditors. This had to be one of the easiest audits I have ever done.

Leasa Whiteaker, Accounting Manager, Austin Habitat for Humanity

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1:32 - Key Business Issues

4:49 - How does the Papersave Gift Process Work?

7:01 - Product Overview

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